• I am a new customer

    the first step may be "step 1"
    or "Step 3" or via "Services" menu same as "Step 3"

    Step 1 - I am looking for a care provider

    • By salon name, provider's name
    • By region, city or postal code
    • By expertise
    • That offers home service (optional)

    Step 2 - Display of search results

    • Result indicates if online calendar is available for a care provider
    • Presentation of the provider's full profile
    • Possibility to select a provider and "make appointment"
    • "Make an appointment" after opening the provider's profile

    Step 3 - Register my profile as a client (any client must be registered before they can set an appointment, it's FREE)

    • I am a customer, "registration"
    • Complete the registration form and "register"

    • Wait for email verification message that beautyontime will send
    • Enable account by clicking the link provided in the verification email and login using the username and password provided during registration

    In case the first step is "Step 3" continue "Step 1", "Step 2", "Step 4"!

    Step 4

    > Choose the ideal day and time slot for my appointment

    • Calendar navigation for choosing the day (buttons at the top of the calendar or calendar icon)
    • Choose of the type(s) of care / services
    • Choosing a time slot available (green) and left click the mouse for validation
    • Add any (text) and validation

    your appointment will be confirmed by email or text message according to the parameters chosen by the provider!

    you can cancel or reschedule an appointment depending on the settings and limits defined by the provider!

    identifiers (username, password) can be modified at any time by the client (Profile)!

    I am an existing customer (already registered)

    I log in to my account

    • Username and password and login
    • Continue to Steps 1 or favorites, 2 and 4
  • I am a care provider

    I am a care provider

    • Login, Registration


    • Services, I am a care provider, registration


    • Complete the registration form

    • Confirm registration
    • Wait for email verification message that "Beautyontime" will send
    • Activate account by clicking the link provided in the verification email and login using the username and password provided during registration

    Step 2 - Configuration

    Setup and customization of the environment

    Setup Calendar (default values in red above)

    • left click on the calendar to modify setup (occurrence / series)

    .. red block reserved for the salesman, delete if not used


    • Complete or edit the data if desired; cancellation, personal appointment type color...

    Consultations and durations

    • Modify, remove or complete the pre-defined data

    Assistants (person authorized to manage appointment on your Calendar)

    • Complete the data if it is necessary

    My Profile

    • Complete data

    • Customization of the environment if desired by adding your own banner, image and choosing a different background

    My appointment (work mode, production)

    • Initially, view is set to day mode / possibility to change short week or long week mode (navigation buttons at the top)
    • View appointments directly set by customers on the internet. Edit or cancel an appointment by "left clicking" it
    • Place an appointment by navigating to the appropriate day (calendar navigation), and "left clicking" on the ideal time slot
    • Select the type of appointment (customer / vendor / personal / professional or "notes". Notes are not placed on the calendar, they are only indicated by an icon below the calendar day); note ...
    • Set an appointment with existing "client" and "sales representative" by searching their name in the "Beautyontime" database or you can easily create a new profile for your customer / sales representative then set an appointment with them
    • Choose the "customer" or "sales representative" from the search results and fix "an appointment"
    • Choose the type of care(s) / treatment(s)
    • Possibility to add a note or remark
    • Possibility to remind a customer about an appointment via email or SMS
    • Possibility to create subscriptions (multiple appointments)
    • Create and confirm appointment
    • The appointment created is shown in the calendar

    It is also possible to schedule an appointment by using the search panel (for client or sales represenative) found on the left side instead of the "date" and "time slot" in the calendar!

    Administration (once in production)

    • Client list
    • List of subscriptions / status

    Tips on the agenda

    • Appointment, client, dealer / representative, personal, professional, Note
    • Customer research
    • Profile, history, appointments (fixing)

    • Type of consultation (multiple choice, accumulated time)
    • Including the price if quoted in such consultation
    • Changing the time if desired
    • Notes and remarks internal
    • Reference to be contacted by phone (mention on appointment later)
    • Programmable callback
    • Subscription (multiple appointments)

    • Multiple appointments with automated management of conflict (drag and drop on selected day)

    possibility to have multiple calendars per salon!
    possibility to move appointments, click edit and change the date or drag and drop!
    ability to manage the "Notes", cancel, done!
    possibility of notifying each transaction by email / sms!

    coming in 2011 / v3 May

    • Phone version
    • View of pooled resources
    • Different versions, trades / language

    not yet scheduled

    • Go multi-resources